Wall Candy

From the Battle of the Bands flyer...

"Wal Candy was formed so we could escape our boring day jobs and become rock stars," says singer and guitarist Chloe Nightingale. "One day I just snapped. I shaved my head and started writing sonds. I called my sister Chantel and said, 'That's it, woman, you're playing bass!' The band was formed," "I think it's because she ae a lot of paing chips (aka 'Wall Candy') as a kid," says Chantel, who fondly refers to Chloe as Rage Against the Perental Machine. After recruiting drummer Michael Mann (The Art Huckman Experience, Sputnik, Opposite of People) and trumpeter Adam D. Light (The Lost Alamos High School Jazz Band), the band quickly gelled into a "Steller, dynamic vortex of Indie, Jazz, and Pop."

Chloe Nightingale...lead singer/guitarist.


From sirpsychosexy's April 30 entry...

This groups fronted by a chick with an interesting half-mohawk/shaved head thing going on. (that one of my buds absolutely loved.) I can describe them as something I'd hear from the Jam House (that's actually good) and Jewel. Different than most of the bands I feature, but they struck a chord with my soft side.


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